DroidScript Tutorials

We have lots of tutorials to help you learn DroidScript and become an expert!

Getting Started

Read this tutorial first to get an understanding of DroidScript and build your first app!

Displaying text

How to display text in your DroidScript app

Displaying images

Want to know how to display images to brighten up your app?

Adding a text box

How to add a text box to collect user information in your DroidScript app

Creating a button

This tutorial shows you how to add a button to your DroidScript app

Creating Layouts

Learn how to organise your elements on the screen

Adding a header

Want to know how to add a header to your DroidScript apps?

Adding a footer

Add a footer with action buttons to your DroidScript app

Include a web view

Want to know how to include an external web site or custom web page into your DroidScript app?